PyCon CZ

PyCon CZ 23
15–17 September

Pythonic Laziness: Unleashing the Power of Generators a talk by Sebastian Arias

Friday 15 September 11:10 (30 minutes)

Lazy evaluation is a powerful concept in computer science that can be used to optimize the performance of programs by reducing the amount of computation needed to produce results. In Python, one way to implement lazy evaluation is through the use of generators, which are functions that can be paused and resumed during execution to generate a sequence of values on-the-fly.

In this talk, we will explore the concept of lazy evaluation with generators in Python. We will start with a brief overview of generators and then delve into the principles of lazy evaluation, including how it works and its advantages over eager evaluation. We will also cover practical examples of how generators can be used to implement lazy evaluation in real-world scenarios, such as processing large datasets or generating infinite sequences.

Attendees of this talk will gain a deeper understanding of the concept of lazy evaluation and how it can be implemented using generators in Python. They will learn about the benefits of lazy evaluation, including improved performance and reduced memory usage, and see practical examples of how it can be used to solve common programming problems. This presentation is designed for developers who are interested in optimizing their Python code and want to explore the power of lazy evaluation with generators.

What do you need to know to enjoy this talk

Python level

You understand advanced concepts, such as generators and comprehensions, async/await, advanced usage of classes.

About the topic

You used or did it just a few times.

Sebastian Arias

I am Sebastian Arias, an Ecuadorian Software Developer with 5 years of experience in Python web development, TDD, and FP. As a Senior Developer at Stack Builders, I have worked extensively with US-based companies, and my passion lies in helping people explore new ideas and adopt code best practices. When I'm not coding, you can often find me blending my own coffee mix. As a coffee enthusiast, I take the 'bean to cup' journey quite seriously!

Friday 15 September

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