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PyCon CZ 23
15–17 September

Transformational Power of Openness: Reflections on Open Science and Open Source a talk by Evelina Gabašová

Friday 15 September 10:20 (40 minutes)

Open source has thoroughly transformed the world of tech and software development with its benefits and a unique set of challenges. It has not only revolutionised the technology industry, but also profoundly influenced academic research.

Academia has had its own drive for openness, influenced by the reproducibility crisis, inspired by open source: the open science movement. In this talk, we will look at some of the principles and approaches in open source and how they are reflected in academic practice.

We will explore some of the successful examples where academic software projects created impact in the wider ecosystem (focusing on Python) and what can we learn from them, in academia and beyond. We will also look into the systemic challenges that the drive for openness faces and what can we learn from open science.

Join us for a deep-dive into the dynamic relationship between open source, academia, and open science.

What do you need to know to enjoy this talk

Python level

You can write basic scripts.

About the topic

No previous knowledge of the topic is required, basic concepts will be explained.

Evelina Gabašová

Evelina Gabašová is a Principal Research Data Scientist at The Alan Turing Institute, the UK’s national institute for AI and data science. As a member of the leadership team of the Research Engineering Group, her focus is on bridging the gap between cutting-edge AI research and its real‑world applications. Additionally, she serves as a Vice‑President of the Society of Research Software Engineering in the UK.

Evelina has been an active member of open source and open science communities, championing openness and co‑creation to enable collaborative AI research.

Friday 15 September

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