PyCon CZ aims to be the largest annual gathering for the Python community in the Czech Republic.
It's focused on honoring and supporting awesome people teaching, learning and innovating with Python in Czech Republic and surrounding EU.

Prague, mother of all cities

Welcome to Prague, one of the most beautiful capitals of Europe. You will surely have a great time, whether you are only staying for the conference or you will take a couple of days to look around.

Endless touristy places, not one, but two castles, excellent food and drinks on every corner, dozens of parks, 4th best ZOO in the world, a river and much more. And of course, what better time to visit than summertime! More about Prague…


Meet Factory
Ke Sklárně 3213/15
Praha 5 – Smíchov


1-2 June

3 June

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What attendees said about PyCon CZ 2017?

Really had a great time at #PyConCZ. Great talks, conversations and an awesome community 🎉😀 Alexander CS Hendorf (@hendorf) June 10, 2017

I never thought I'd attend an IT conference... Really enjoyed #PyConCZ. Great people, cool venue and even a conference dog. Thanks! Karla Fejfarová (@karlafej) June 10, 2017

It's gonna be hard to find such a good place with as many amazing an lovely people as I did at #PyConCZ, thank you guys for everything! 🐍❤🇨🇿 Moisés Guimarães (@moisesguimaraes) June 12, 2017

Best conference dog ever. #PyConCZ Adina Foxova (@AdinaFXV) June 9, 2017

#PyConCZ 2017 is over, but you can always sing with them and look on the bright side of life until next PyCon ❤️❤️ ${REKLOSE_NETAGOVAT} (@lspdv) June 9, 2017

#pyconcz gave me a new life goal...I want to be a land astronaunt, building open source robots with big lasers fighting other OS robots :) Zue (@Nada_Chong) June 9, 2017

Fantastic venue, great talks, free beer. What can you ask more? 3 socks for everybody? My first but surely not last #PyConCZ Petr Simecek (@simecek) June 10, 2017

"Through my son @kvbik I discovered python is the language of my dreams"#PyConCZ Nick Lang (@fxdgear) June 9, 2017

Leaving Prague after aweeome #PyConCZ 😢 Thaks guys, see you soin 😊 some photos of Prague for those that didn't go sightseeing 😊 @pyconcz Miroslav Bagljas (@mbagljas) June 11, 2017

Thanks @pyconcz! We had a ball. Fantastic people, great talks and a cool venue - bravo! #pyconcz Jeanne Trojan (@jmtcz) June 9, 2017

#PyConCZ 2017 10/10 would jump again. フジ (@michalvalasek) June 11, 2017