PyCon CZ

PyCon CZ 23
15–17 September

Thinking pragmatically about automated tests from architecture to coding a talk by Tibor Arpáš

Saturday 16 September 16:40 (30 minutes)

There is an important principle when working on any automation, including automated tests. The costs should not exceed the benefits.

I’ll talk about the many benefits of automated tests, some of them non-obvious and far-reaching. However, there are also significant costs and difficulties associated with writing, maintaining and executing them. I will discuss these challenges and provide suggestions to address and reduce them.

I’ll try to convince those who don’t write tests that they might be missing out on a wonderful way to write better software faster. For those who maintain 100% coverage on every project I’ll provide some thoughts to challenge the practice. Regardless of which group you belong to, this presentation will provide good feeling and confirmation, pushback and food for thought as well as specific tips and tricks from the Python frameworks and tools ecosystem.

What do you need to know to enjoy this talk

Python level

Medium knowledge: You use frameworks and third-party libraries.

About the topic

You used or did it just a few times.

Tibor Arpáš

I began my programming journey in Java, but in 2007, I discovered Python and enjoy writing code in it since.

I've become passionate about automated tests at the first sight. I love the immediate feedback they ideally provide. I have spend a lot of time contemplating about how to make them easier to write and run. I'm the author of pytest-testmon (

When not programming or managing engineers I low to fly gliders.