PyLadies Courseware sprint a sprint with Petr Messner

Sunday, 16 June, 14:00 in room EB126

Let’s fix some issues and implement new enhancements in the project that powers – the website for submitting task and homework solutions for the Czech PyLadies Python classes.

If you are interested if the courseware software could be used for example for your programming classes, this is great opportunity to talk with the developers about deployment, features, customization possibilities, roadmap etc.

This sprint is suitable for both beginner and advanced Pythonistas.

Sprint will take 3 hours.

There will be maximum of 30 attendees.

No registration is required to attend.


For anyone who knows basics of Python or JavaScript, and a bit of HTML; we can explain the rest.


For coding please bring a laptop with working Python and Node.js environment. You should have Git installed and have a GitHub account.

Petr Messner

I’m a software developer from Prague, interested in backend, databases, infrastructure, architecture etc. Sometimes even drifting into the world of frontend to make a nice user interface for the things I create.

I have experience with building Python-based news sites and an ad platform. Currently I’m in a backend and devops role in a smaller company, where we build an application providing advanced marketing workflows. In my free time I enjoy working on open source projects and helping at Python courses, mostly

messa_cz messa

I also lead a workshop GraphQL and modern web ap­pli­ca­tions