PyCon CZ Team

PyCon is a community event. There are more than 30 people on our Slack channel and even more volunteers helped us by sending pull requests on GitHub.

We are here for you!

The main contact is

If you drew the organization structure of the PyCon CZ team, you — the attendee would be at the top. The incredible amount of volunteers would follow. There's little or no difference between organizers and volunteers, because we all do it in our free time without any claim for wage.

Jiří Kupka

Veronika Kabátová

Vero Olšovská

Táňa Marčíšovská

Tomáš Orsava

Martina Zátopková

Martin Borovský

Petr Viktorin

Jakub Vysoký

Lucie Tížková

Anežka Müller