Smart debugging: what is that Python doing? a workshop with Martin Jahn

Sunday, 16 June, 10:00 in room EB230

Sometimes print() does more harm than good. Wouldn’t it be cool to inspect, watch and change values and see what Python is doing in real-time? Instead of most basic debugging tool print() we will focus on more sophisticated ones. You will be able to do everything above and much more.

You will learn how to use pdb on the command line. Then we will focus on PyCharm and it’s advanced built-in debugger.

This workshop is suitable for both beginner and advanced Pythonistas.

Workshop will take 3 hours.

There will be maximum of 15 attendees.

We’re sorry but registration is not possible anymore.


You will need a basic understanding of Python and should be familiar with stuff like variables, functions and classes and should be able to work on command line (terminal, bash, windows command prompt, …)


You should have your own laptop where you can run Python 3 and have PyCharm community (free) or professional (paid) version installed. All examples will work on free community version.

Martin Jahn

I have worked with Python as my main language professionally for last seven years. Currently as a backend developer for Twisto.

I also helped with PyLadies courses in Prague when it all started.