GraphQL and modern web ap­pli­ca­tions a workshop with Petr Messner

Sunday, 16 June, 10:00 in room EB126

Do you want to leverage modern JavaScript web app ecosystem – React, Next.js, Relay – but still use a mature programming language (Python 🐍) for the backend? Have you wondered how to connect these two worlds together? Could there be something even more efficient and satisfactory that RESTful API?

GraphQL is “just” a JSON-based HTTP-transported API, with explicit schema, type system, and a query language. But it has some surprising implications that can help you greatly with application development.

During this workshop, we will implement simple GraphQL API in Python using a web micro-framework. Then we will create a Javascript web application that will use this API.

This workshop is suitable for both beginner and advanced Pythonistas.

Workshop will take 3 hours.

There will be maximum of 30 attendees.

We’re sorry but registration is not possible anymore.


You should be able to write Python code (know how to define a function etc.), understand basic principles of HTTP (request, response…), and understand basic HTML and JavaScript code.


Bring your own laptop with installed Python 3.5 or newer, current Node.js, Git and a code editor of your choice.

Petr Messner

I’m a software developer from Prague, interested in backend, databases, infrastructure, architecture etc. Sometimes even drifting into the world of frontend to make a nice user interface for the things I create.

I have experience with building Python-based news sites and an ad platform. Currently I’m in a backend and devops role in a smaller company, where we build an application providing advanced marketing workflows. In my free time I enjoy working on open source projects and helping at Python courses, mostly

messa_cz messa

I also lead a sprint PyLadies Courseware sprint