AWS Machine Learning Application Services for Pythonistas a talk by Piotr Grzesik

Friday, 14 June, 17:20 in Club

Nowadays, Machine Learning is rapidly gaining popularity and is being used for a variety of applications.

What if you'd like to enhance your Python app with AI-capabilities, but don't have needed resources and specific knowledge to develop it on your own? Thanks to the rapid growth of cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure, we can use their ML-driven APIs to superpower our Python apps!

During my presentation, I will describe what services has AWS to offer when it comes to ML-driven APIs and I'll show how Pythonistas can leverage services like AWS Polly, Rekognition, Transcribe, Comprehend, Translate and Lex to add image analysis or text to speech conversion to their applications. All examples will be available after the presentation in a form of Jupyter Notebooks so everyone will have the change to try them out on their own.

This talk is suitable for both beginner and advanced Pythonistas.
Is part of the PyData track

Piotr Grzesik

I’m a software developer, currently working at Proof. While mostly using Python as my language of choice, I sometimes write a little bit of JavaScript and Solidity. I also know a thing or two about Amazon Web Services. In addition to that, I’m co-organising meetups of Pykonik, Krakow Python User Group and had a few chances to be a mentor at Django Girls.

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