Building an async event loop a talk by Petr Viktorin

Saturday, 15 June, 15:00 in Ballroom

Using an event loop (with frameworks like asyncio and trio for network services, or PyQt or GTK for GUI applications) is not that hard once you “get” the concept, but it does take some time and thought to get to that point.

The usual async tutorials focus on how to use it and what you can do. This session explores a different angle: I'll build an event loop and a time-based scheduler from scratch, explaining the concept on actual code.

This is a live coding session and isn't suitable for beginners. To follow along, you will need some experience reading (and writing) classes, functions and loops.

This talk is aimed at advanced Pythonistas. While it might be interesting for beginners we recommend them to choose another talk.

Petr Viktorin

During the day, I lead the Python Maintenance team at Red Hat.

Personally, I focus on teaching Python to others – and empowering others to teach as well. You might know me from a course or a workshop I helped prepare in some way. There I collected a few tricks when it comes to explaining programming concepts.

Also, I like the challenge of live coding – and I'd like to test it on the PyCon CZ audience!

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