Information for Financial Aid Grantees

General Rules

Grant is awarded to you personally so transfers to other people are not possible.

The financial aid grants are fulfilled only to registered attendees actually attending the conference.

If you find out you cannot attend the conference for any reason, please let us know to, so that we can allocate the funds and/or tickets to someone else.

Financial Aid for tickets

Financial Aid for tickets is the simplest: we will send you a link to register a free ticket.

Financial Aid for other costs

May cover

  • accommodation costs
  • travel costs
  • other items agreed when granting Financial Aid

Will not cover

  • food and beverages (if your accommodation provides food and it is not listed separately on the receipt it can be covered by the grant)
  • costs up to 10 EUR or 250 CZK or equivalent in other currencies

Financial Aid amount

You’re granted an amount in EUR or CZK which is a top limit of what you’ll be reimbursed by PyCon CZ in total.

PyCon CZ reimburses real costs only so the final amount might be lower than granted if you won’t need it.

If your costs are larger than your grant, you’ll only be reimbursed up to the granted amount.

Your costs in other currencies will be reimbursed in CZK or EUR.

Reimbursements of costs paid in other currencies will be converted using the exchange rate for CZK at the time of reimbursement.

Reimbursement process

  1. Pay everything yourself.
  2. Provide documents proving it.
  3. Get reimbursed.

1. Pay everything yourself

We don’t cover costs before PyCon CZ starts but if you’re really not able to do it, ask us.

2. Provide documents proving it

PyCon CZ only covers costs for which you’re able to provide original documents corresponding to the purchase (receipts, invoices, bills etc.)

We trust you, but the law requires us to collect them. We need the documents even in the case of a partial reimbursement.

  • Send electronic documents to
  • If you happen to have only paper documents:
    mail originals to Pyvec, Ječná 507/6, 12000 Praha 2, Czech Republic
    or deliver them personally to the registration desk at PyCon CZ on Friday or Saturday from 16:15 to 16:40 where a dedicated organizer will be waiting for you.

Each document should have:

  1. Identification of payee (i.e. name, tax ID if applicable)
  2. The date of the transaction
  3. The amount of the transaction

3. Get reimbursed

The reimbursement will be sent only after you provide all necessary documents and information i.e. payment info.

It can be done using one of these methods:

  • We prefer sending it to your PayPal account
    please provide your PayPal email address
  • We can send it by a bank transfer to SEPA countries (EU + Norway + Switzerland)
    please provide your IBAN and BIC or a Czech account number
  • We can — but would like to avoid — use a bank transfer to non‑SEPA countries
    please provide your IBAN and BIC

The money will be sent in 30 days after you provide everything necessary.

If you’re not able to provide the required documents before the end of July 2019, your claim to reimbursement will void.