Put your data on the map with ease a workshop with Anastázie Sedláková & Filip Sedlák

Sunday, 16 June, 10:00 in room EB130

This is an intro workshop on visualization on maps. It is meant for data scientists who work in Python and do not visualize map routinely.

We will briefly introduce two packages that can be used for this purpose – plotly and folium. Plotly is a general plotting library that creates interactive plots. Folium creates interactive visualizations with maps using leaflet.js.

After introduction, we will plot the same data (results of world happiness report) using both packages. A big part of this workshop will be focused on how to prepare and clean your data in order to use them with both packages.

Main focus of our workshops is direct application of acquired knowledge in practice.

This workshop is suitable for both beginner and advanced Pythonistas.
Is part of the PyData track

Workshop will take 3 hours.

There will be maximum of 25 attendees.

We’re sorry but registration is not possible anymore.


  • Knowledge of pandas library for data cleaning is required


  • Python 3
  • Pandas (for data analysis)
  • Jupyter Notebook (for interactive work)
  • Matplotlib and Plotly (they draw charts)
  • Folium (draws maps better than Plotly)
  • XLRD (reads Excel files – just in case)

If you already have Python 3 (plain or Anaconda), just install packages using PIP:

pip install jupyter pandas matplotlib plotly folium xlrd

If not, follow the steps at the workshop homepage.

Anastázie Sedláková

I am an occasional lecturer, part-time data scientist and full-time mom. Together with my husband, we are organizing programming courses. When teaching, I like to witness progress in learning and understanding.

My background is in statistical genetics. During my PhD, I learned to program. After maternity leave, I changed the field completely – to work with financial data as a data scientist.

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Filip Sedlák

I’m a DevOps consultant with experience in Machine Learning.

I like to work with startups and design data-heavy systems. I studied cheminformatics and worked on chemo- and bio-informatics solutions for pharmaceutical companies. I was a co-founder of NeuronSW, a machine learning startup that predicts failures of expensive machinery by sound.

At the moment, I work mostly for Twisto, a fin-tech company.

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