Build your serverless slackbot a workshop with Jan Gazda & Oriol Fàbregas

Sunday, 16 June, 14:00 in room EB229

Serverless, serverless, serverLess, seRvErLesS, it’s all around but nobody is really able to tell what it is. But that does not matter, because you are going to try it yourself!

Nearly every service we use sends some kind of notification e-mail. Usually the ones which you just mark as spam and never read, because they are not that important. However, they might carry some useful information and it’s nice to have access to this information in one interface. Slack is the perfect target for such interface because you can just quickly glance at the message and decide its value to you. Many services have their own Slackbots (GitHub, GitLab…).

But what if the service can send notifications to an API but there is no Slack bot to install or your notifications contain private information which cannot be processed via a public bot?

We are going to show you how easy is to build such a bot and on top of that you will learn something about serverless!

This workshop is suitable for both beginner and advanced Pythonistas.

Workshop will take 3 hours.

There will be maximum of 30 attendees.

We’re sorry but registration is not possible anymore.


  • Know how to use virtual environments, write Python code: functions, classes, etc...
  • Understand basic principles of HTTP: request, response…

Good to know but not required

  • how to set up environment variable in your terminal but we can help you with that
  • basic orientation in AWS console


Bring a laptop with installed

Jan Gazda

Learn, apply and share knowledge.

My Python journey started here in Ostrava where I grew up with the Pyvo community, which taught me how amazing it is to give back. I also lead a few workshops already, however right now the most important thing I’m working on is a resurrection of the Python community around Amsterdam.

I always believed that mankind can make more progress via information sharing, which motivates me to contribute to the open source, create workshops, and tutorials. Right now, I work as a Cloud Systems Developer and build cloud infrastructure and applications with various cloud providers (AWS, GCP, Azure).


Oriol Fàbregas

I have been developing in Python for about 5 years and I have come across to different patterns that I have learned to design accordingly. I have contributed to open source by writing several libraries, specially Rest API clients. I also like automating infrastructure whether it's on the cloud or on-prem.