Iterators for Curious Minds a talk by Miloslav Pojman

Friday, 14 June, 15:40 in Ballroom

Do you know the difference between iterators and iterables? Are you able to implement a custom collection? Why something so basic as a for-loop got its chapter in the famous Gang of Four book?

The iterator protocol is a prime example of Python language design. I will not only show how to implement custom iterators but also illustrate how other Python features are provided using similar idioms.

I will informally introduce the iterator design pattern and show how it is built into the language. After mentioning some examples of iterables, we will look into Python data model, implement some generators, and maybe touch async frameworks.

This talk is suitable for both beginner and advanced Pythonistas.

Miloslav Pojman

When my colleagues ask me Python related questions, I cannot resist explaining how things work under the hood. Python design is remarkable, and I believe that developers should know more about it.

I’m using Python professionally since 2008. I used it to develop large business applications. Nowadays, I am working for the Protocol Optimization team in Akamai Technologies and results from my Python scripts are deployed to more than a hundred thousand servers.

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