Electronics with Python for beginners a talk by Jan Bednařík

Saturday, 15 June, 11:10 in Club

Have you ever wanted to build something with embedded electronics, but it looked like black magic to you? It's not! World of hardware has changed a lot in last years. Microprocessors, displays, motors, … everything is available on “plug and play” boards. You just need bunch of wires to connect things together.

Programming of microcomputers, the brains of your creations, also evolved. Forget medieval languages like Assembly, C or Arduino. You can program them with MicroPython in comfortable and interactive way. All you need to start is a USB cable.

Come and learn some basics of electronics and MicroPython. And you can start building anything from yet another digital clock to autonomous robots tomorrow.

This talk is suitable for both beginner and advanced Pythonistas.

Jan Bednařík

I’m maker. I love to make things you can see, touch, interact with, or control remotely. I don’t always make something with embedded electronics, but when I do, I choose MicroPython to program it.

Python is my favourite language for more than a decade. I’m co-organizer of Python meetups in Olomouc. I’m volunteer in The Czech Pirate Party changing the world to be a better place.

In my day job at Kiwi.com, I’m software platform engineer. I’m helping our developers deliver better software faster.

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