Intro to Search using Python a talk by Nick Lang

Saturday, 15 June, 16:40 in Ballroom

Have you ever used a search engine? Have you ever wondered how the basics of search work?

We’ll use Python to delve into the basics of search. What exactly is an inverted index and how does it help us in trying to build and use search? What is analysis and how is it used? How does changing the behavior of analisys change the behavior of our search. How does it change the behavior of building the inverted index.

Hopefully, after the talk, you’ll walk away with a bit deeper understanding of how search engines work, which will translate into helping you optimize deploying your own search experiences.

This talk is suitable for both beginner and advanced Pythonistas.

Nick Lang

I live in Fort Collins, Colorado and I work for Elastic, the company behind Elasticsearch. I’ve been working with Python for around a decade. I live with my wife, son, two dogs three cats and one rat. I am also an avid fan of local small batch whiskies.

In my time working with Python, I’ve spent a lot of time in various different python worlds. CLI tools, websites, back end code, etc. Python has proven itself to be a very versatile language that can handle almost any job.