Self container­ized Python
a workshop with David Bečvařík

You've probably noticed Docker and its hype. Containers changed the way how we develop and deploy applications. Were you ever curious how containers work and what they really are?

In this workshop, we will go through all the steps needed to self-containerize your Python application. We will learn how to interact with Linux kernel syscalls using Python ctypes and we will develop a Python library you can extend and use, to simulate/create complex deployments of your application without any externals or native tools. Just Python interpreter.


Linux VM with Python 3.x install no other libraries required (even legacy Python2 should be enough, but it's secret :) ).

This workshop is suitable for both beginner and advanced Pythonistas.

David Bečvařík

As a founder of Prague containers meetup and container enthusiast I often speak about this topic and already hosted similar workshop on our meetup.

I want to show you that containers can be created/manipulated easily with Python and this can be easily exploited for a neat testing or even production deployment purposes.

I'm very interested in demystifying containers and all kernel plumbings a show how you can benefit by knowing details about operating system you are using to host your Python applications.