Blender Python API
a workshop with Marcel Plch

Do you like graphics, 3D modeling, physics simulations, or have you just heard that these are possible in Blender, but the complexity of the program scared you away? Let's look at its API.

Python API for Blender lets you do anything you would do in normal Blender. Just without the need to drag things around the screen and pressing god knows what combinations of keys.

And even if you are a skilled Blender artist, you still may be interested, because you definitely do have some repetitive tasks you do on every project. Using this API, you can create your very own tools to solve these problems and keep your focus more on your work, not the repetitive tasks.

This workshop is aimed at advanced Pythonistas. (While it might be interesting for beginners we recommend them to choose another workshop.)

Marcel Plch

I am a high school intern from Red Hat Python maintenance team in Brno.

In my free time, I like to learn new stuff. I also like to share skills that I consider lot easier to gain when explained by somebody else. Blender itself is one huge program that is practically incomprehensible when tried to be learned without help. It also has rich Python API not many people are aware of.