Effective Image processing at Scale using TensorFlow / CNTK
a workshop with Jan Pospíšil & Michal Marušan

Come to join us and try building end-to-end image processing scenario using popular deep learning frameworks TensorFlow and CNTK. It usually requires multiple tools, frameworks, and integration of different apps and steps to successfully go through a complex task in a team on a long-term project.

We will get you through whole life cycle data science experimentation - data wrangling and preparation, modeling (train locally on sample and training on the large dataset in a cloud) and deployment. We will use Machine Learning Workbench tool for data preparation, data science experiment management, code versioning, model management, run history, and notebook integration. Take advantage of the best open source frameworks, including TensorFlow, Cognitive Toolkit, Spark ML, and scikit-learn.

By the end of the workshop, you will know how to approach similar scenarios with the effective tooling and using state-of-the-art deep learning frameworks and leveraging productivity of your computer and power of cloud computing. You can keep all code artifacts and VM created during the workshop for later use.

This workshop is aimed at advanced Pythonistas. (While it might be interesting for beginners we recommend them to choose another workshop.)

Jan Pospíšil

I'm technical enthusiast and data professional with passions for IoT gadgets, IoT solutions, Big Data, Machine Learning, Cognitive Services, New Technologies (even bleeding edge), e-commerce, robotics, automation, coding, …

I'd like to meet you for a chat about those topics and how you use them together with Azure services to boost your business.

Michal Marušan

My origins come from data warehousing and business intelligence on massively parallel database engines but for more than last five years I've been working on numerous Big Data and Advanced Analytics projects with different customers mainly from Telco, Banking and Transportation industry.

My focus and passion is helping customers with implementation of new analytical methods into their business environments to drive data-driven decisions and generate new business insights both in the cloud and on-premises systems.

I'm Cloud Solution Architect for Data & AI, part of STU unit at Microsoft.