Networking for Geeks
a workshop with Jeanne Trojan

One of the hardest things to do at an event is to lose the fear of talking to strangers and networking.

  • Why should I talk to people I don't know?
  • How do I introduce myself without feeling like a fool?
  • How can I break into a group?
  • What do I say after the introduction?

These and many more questions are answered in this workshop. And, you'll get lots of chances to practice. You'll leave the workshop armed with strategies to network and with the confidence to use them!

This workshop is suitable for both beginner and advanced Pythonistas.

Jeanne Trojan

I'm an Executive Communication Trainer and Coach. In addition to my usual work with multinational corporations, I've been active in the local tech community since 2009, helping people communicate - presenting, conducting meetings, interviewing and even just speaking to each other.

I created my Networking for Geeks workshop in order to make meeting new people easier. I've done this workshop for GUG.CZ, DevFest, WebExpo and other smaller meet-ups and events.

People that have attended my workshop have said that they feel much better about networking and they were able to use their new skills and confidence right away at the event. I love doing this workshop! :)