Analyzing results of RIPE Atlas measurements
a workshop with Ondřej Caletka

RIPE Atlas is a worldwide network of small hardware probes measuring the health of the very fundamental parts of the Internet: reachability, round trip time variations, path changes (traceroute), DNS resolution. There are around 10000 probes deployed worldwide. Such amount of probes produces a big amount of data. Those data are publicly accessible in JSON format via a REST API.

Even though there are a few ready-made visualizations for measurements, lots of valuable data are still hidden in the raw form. Fortunately, there is a Python-based CLI tool, which can be easily extended. In this workshop, we will try to give an overview of how the system works and then we'll try to create some extension to analyze some measurements.

Please bring your own computer with Python 3.x installed as well as your favorite text editor and your favorite virtualenv implementation. If you want to try the RIPE Atlas in advance, register an account and ask me for some credits so you can make your own measurements.

This workshop is suitable for both beginner and advanced Pythonistas.

Ondřej Caletka

I'm an experienced speaker and an inexperienced Pythoner. I work for CESNET, Czech national research and education network operator as a Linux server admin and developer.

I like things like IPv6, DNS, TLS, SSH, Public transportation or TV technologÿ. I also volunteer as a RIPE Atlas ambassador, distributing network probes through the country so anyone can measure the health of Czech Internet.