Python-based home automation platform
a workshop with Lumír Balhar

In this workshop, we'll build a simple home automation platform based on software written mostly in Python. During the workshop, we'll install all necessary software components and configure them step by step, we'll also make your IoT temperature sensor and connect all the parts together.

We'll use:

  • NodeMCU ESP8266 board with MicroPython with Dallas DS18B20 as IoT temperature sensor
  • MQTT (Mosquitto) for communication
  • Home assistant for collection data, sending notifications, and some automation examples

The hardware – temperature sensor, IoT ESP8266 board, wires, micro USB cable, breadboard etc., will be ready for you and if you want, you can buy them after the workshop and take working setup with you for further experimentation.

Check out prerequisites for this workshop.

This workshop is suitable for both beginner and advanced Pythonistas.

Lumír Balhar

I'm a drummer, biker, firefighter and Red Hat Python software engineer. You might remember our talk from last year about teaching Python. I said that sharing knowledge and teaching people is healthy addictive and probably the best way how to use your knowledge. So I am here to do it and maintain the good feeling.