Cython to the Rescue
a talk by Stefan Behnel

You just found that C library which solves that huge problem you have. It solves it completely, it's so fast, it's old, rock solid and well tested – and difficult to use, because it has that real-world, well aged C-API. Maybe even C++. So, you want to use it from Python, but there's no wrapper yet? Or worse, the existing wrapper is auto-generated and feels clumsy, slow and just as ugly to work with as C?

Give Cython a try! It's the fastest way to make Python talk (to) native code, and a pleasure to work with as a general programming language.

This talk is aimed at advanced Pythonistas. (While it might be interesting for beginners we recommend them to choose another talk.)

Stefan Behnel

I'm a long-time Python developer and probably best known in the community as a core developer of the Cython and lxml projects.

I give trainings on Cython programming and enjoy telling people about it at conferences.