Shipping Containers using Dunder Methods
a talk by Claus Aichinger

In this talk, we delve into the world of container-related double underscore (dunder) methods which define an object’s behavior.

We will discover some of the most important dunder methods along the lines of the following two use cases:

  • How to extend a tuple to represent data?
  • How to implement a dict-like container for data handling?

In both cases we will try to quickly come up with implementations that not only serve our purpose, but also render easy-to-use containers mimicking already existing ones.

This talk is suitable for both beginner and advanced Pythonistas.

Claus Aichinger

I am a Data Scientist, instructor and (co)organizer of PyDays Vienna.

I enjoy programming, computing and “structuring things” as well as learning and sharing insights and opinions.