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Talks & Keynotes

Registration 8:00

Grab your lanyard, swag bag and coffee.
Meet our sponsors and get ready for a day full of awesome talks!

The grand opening 8:55

Welcome to the first PyCon CZ.
Applause, introduction, jokes and meanwhile we lock the main door…

Keynote #1
The future of Twisted 9:00

Amber Brown

Amber, better known as HawkOwl, is a core developer and release manager of the Twisted project.

Photo of Amber Brown

Keynote #2
The secret sauce behind
Open Source 10:00

Russell-Keith Magee

Dr Russell Keith-Magee is a 9 year veteran of the Django core team, and President of the DSF.

Photo of Russell Keith-Magee
Master branch
Practical branch


Two parallel branches of talks are going to be held in two rooms: D105 and D0206. The Master branch in D105 will be about general topics, while the Practical branch in D0206 will present more specific ones.

Anastassiya Zidkova, Filip Sedlak

11:30 Master branch

Using Django for Genome Engineering

Photo of Anastassiya Zidkova, Filip Sedlak

Michal Hořejšek

11:30 Practical branch

Testing with pytest

Photo of Michal Hořejšek

Piotr Dyba

12:20 Master branch

Python, Flask and modern peripherals

Photo of Piotr Dyba

Svetlana Margetova

12:20 Practical branch

Push notifications with Django

Photo of Svetlana Margetova

Jessica Rose

14:20 Master branch

Build Newbies, Ship a Better Tech Community

Photo of Jessica Rose

Elyézer Rezende

14:20 Practical branch

Python talking about Python

Photo of Elyézer Rezende

Radomir Dopieralski

15:10 Master branch

Magical Attributes

Photo of Radomir Dopieralski

Valentina Mukhamedzhanova

15:10 Practical branch

Debugging a Linux distribution component

Photo of Valentina Mukhamedzhanova

Jarka Schovancová

16:30 Master branch

Python for particle hunters

Photo of Jarka Schovancová

Jan Čermák

16:30 Practical branch

Running Python on embedded systems

Photo of Jan Čermák

Viktor Stískala

17:20 Master branch

What can developers learn from bankers

Photo of Viktor Stískala

Věroš Kaplan, Pavel Grochal

17:20 Practical branch

So you have an Python app and now what?

Photo of Věroš Kaplan, Pavel Grochal

Lightning talks 18:30

There is only one rule of lightning talks:
5 mins and hard cut. Get on stage and share your experience!

Thank you 19:00

The first day of PyCon CZ is over. Wrap it up and enjoy the evening party. See you tomorrow at the sprint venue!

The venue

The conference is going to be held at Brno University of Technology.


49°11'25.8"N 16°37'13.1"E

Building D

Božetěchova 1/2

612 66 Brno

Czech Republic