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Getting here

You. Are. Awesome. You want to attend the first PyCon CZ, you've just bought your ticket and now you're planning your trip to the lovely village called Brno.


Have we already told you that Brno is situated in the heart of Europe? That's right. Brno is the centroid of the whole continent, the cosmopolis of culture, technology, education, and mostly… jokes.

By plane

If you're travelling by plane, please check out SkyPicker. It's a search engine for cheap flights. You need to get as close to Brno as possible. Possible airports are:

  • Prague (2.5 hours from Brno)
  • Vienna (2 hours from Brno)
  • Bratislava (2 hours from Brno)
  • Budapest (4.5 hours from Brno)
  • and of course Brno, but it's a very small airport.

By train or bus

We love trains! The most ecological means of transport. The Czech Republic has a very dense railway network. Buses depart very often to and from most big cities in the Czech Republic. And Brno is a huge city, so you will have no problem getting here at all. Bonus: Brno is only one stop away from Prague when travelling by bus.

Use jizdnirady.cz when looking for a train or bus. If the page loads in Czech, just find "English" on the page. It is localized, but uses some kind of an obscure mechanism.

By car

As we mentioned before, Brno is halfway between Prague and Vienna. It means that you can use highway D1 when travelling from Prague (enjoy it, it's a real Czech experience). When travelling from Vienna by car, you have several options. The shortest path is via Poysdorf and Mikulov, but you can also go to Reinthal, Břeclav and then connect to the highway D2.


If you are about to stay in Brno for couple of days and the conference isn't the only thing you would like to experience, or if you go with your family and you would like to provide them with alternative program, we suggest you to check out Kašpárek's Guide to Brno (it also has a Czech version).

There is also the USE-IT map for Brno. If you don't know USE-IT, it's no-nonsense tourist info for young people made by young locals, not commercial, free, and up-to-date.


Saturday and Sunday venues are a bit far from each other. The good news is that Brno is small. Although it's the biggest city in the Czech Republic (Prague isn't a city, but a region), you can travel from one end to another in less than one hour. From the Saturday venue it's only 20 mins to the city centre, and the Sunday venue is in walking distance from the city centre.

Unfortunately, we don't have any special deals with local hotels because we could not ensure any specific number of bookings in each hotel.

Enjoyable hotels ($$$)

If you really want to enjoy your stay in Brno, you might be looking for a nice hotel in the city centre. There are two that we can recommend:

Affordable hotels ($$)

The following two hotels are recommended by our fellow conference DevConf.


The hotel is located between the venues and lies near a beautiful park. Very close to the city centre. It provides a lot of opportunities for relaxation (jacuzzi - with pressure and bubble massage, Finnish sauna and aroma sauna, Scottish shower, solar meadow, reflexology zone, heated benches and floors).

Prices (breakfast included):

  • 1.900 CZK (~78 EUR) per night for a double bedroom
  • 1.700 CZK (~70 EUR) per night for a single bedroom


This hotel is very close to the Saturday venue and located about 20 mins from the city centre. A very affordable option if you don't require anything fancy.

Prices (breakfast included):

  • 1.330 CZK (~49 EUR) per night for a double bedroom
  • 990 CZK (~37 EUR) per night for a single bedroom

Budget ($)

Brno is called the student city for a reason. It has 6 public and 9 private universities. Due to this fact, there are many student dormitories and hostels which offer ad hoc accommodation for less than affordable prices.

Hotel Palacký ***

This hotel is basically part of a student dormitory and it's not very far from the Saturday venue. It's located in a rather large student campus complex at the edge of the city, but you can get to any place you wish easily by public transport, usually in under 20 minutes.


  • 350 CZK (~13 EUR) per night per person in a double room
  • 390 CZK (~15 EUR) per night per 1 person in a double room

Hostel Fléda

The hostel is in the same building as the most famous and largest club in Brno, Fléda. Fléda is a pulsing place, low-cost but cozy, with all the facilities a backpacker needs, and many opportunities to have fun around. It's halfway between the Saturday and Sunday venues and in walkable distance from the city centre.


  • 800 CZK (~29 EUR) per night for a double room with either twin or double bed
  • 350 CZK (~13 EUR) per night for a standard dormitory with bunk beds
  • 200 CZK (~8 EUR) per night for a budget walkthrough dormitory with bunk beds