Call for Papers

Call for papers (CfP) is a traditional way of saying: Please send us your talk, workshop or sprint idea and if our committee likes it, we’ll invite you to present it at our conference.

Send us your idea now!

Or later: last chance will be on 31 March 2020.

Are you the right one?

  • Are you passionate or fascinated about something?
  • Do you want to share your knowledge and passion?

If you answered yes to both questions it’s you we’re looking for!

An experienced speaker? Good!
Never spoke at a conference? No problem!

We welcome first-time speakers; we are a community conference eager to hear about your experience.

We invite you to ask us for help finding a mentor in your CfP submission.

Can’t afford to speak at PyCon CZ?

If money is the only thing stopping you from speaking at PyCon CZ, we got you covered.

It wouldn’t be in a true community spirit if somebody wouldn’t be able to come to PyCon CZ just because their budget is tight at the moment. That’s why we provide financial aid to those who wouldn’t be able to attend otherwise.

Don’t hesitate to ask us to cover your accommodation, travel costs and anything else that you need to pay to join us. We have a budget, albeit limited, to cover exactly that.

Our audience

You do your talks or workshops for an audience, so who are PyCon CZ attendees? Well, it’s a pretty diverse crowd!

From beginners to Python experts. Bigger and smaller companies’ employees, freelancers, startup founders and students. Developers, data analysts, testers, scientists as well as enthusiasts.

One third doesn’t speak Czech or Slovak but everybody speaks English.

What do they want to hear

Given the audience diversity, almost anything about any aspect of Python programming is a good topic, and at all skill levels.

General topics

PyData track

This year we’re looking forward to repeating last year’s success with a dedicated track for all data analysts, scientists and engineers.

PyData track talks and workshops will target:

  • Evergreens like Pandas or Jupyter
  • Beloved machine learning
  • Hot MLOps and pipelines
  • Cool visualization and dashboards
  • Incredibly fast scientific computations
  • Rich business applications
  • Any other exciting topics for data-driven enthusiasts

Beginners’ track

For the first time in PyCon CZ history we’re looking to have a track dedicated to beginners. This track will be mostly in Czech and expected knowledge level of the audience are the basics of Python.

This is a great opportunity for you to try your first talk even if you don’t think you’re a Python expert.

Here are a few suggested topics:

  • Introduction to Python libraries or frameworks (e.g. numpy, requests, BeautifulSoup, Pygame, pyQt, Django, …)
  • Basics of debugging
  • Classes, Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Practical application of Python in non-purely-IT fields (science, education, IoT…)
  • Tell us how you solved an interesting problem with Python
  • Show a project you made: it doesn’t have to be complex or unique, the journey is what we’d like to hear
  • Share a story about your path to becoming a developer or data analyst

We also welcome topics regarding Computer Science in general.

Talks, workshops and sprints

Talks are not the only way to share. You can go deeper in a hands-on workshop with a smaller but more focused audience. You can also lead a sprint to work together with others on an open source project.

Do you have more than one idea?

Great! Submit all of them. We will choose the most fitting one for our audience.

Want to learn more?

We recommend reading tips at It covers many aspects of speaking at a tech conference including choosing the right topic.

Let us know before it’s too late!

Yes, there is a deadline: 31 March 2020. Make sure you do not miss it. We’d miss you.

Not ready or sure yet? Feel free to ask for advice at

Send us your idea(s)