Regular price only until 25 May!

You can pay the ticket with a credit or debit card.

PayPal account is not required to buy the ticket. It is used only as a payment gateway.

Included in each ticket

2 days of talks
Friday and Saturday (10:00 – 19:00)
Saturday from 19:15
Food, Coffee & Tea
all days
Sunday (10:00 – 17:00)
Board Game Night
Friday from 19:15

Ticket types


Are you a student, a teacher or have you attended PyLadies courses?

(until 25 May)
800 CZK

Late bird 1500 CZK

Students need to bring a student ID to the registration.


Are you paying PyCon CZ from your own pocket?

(until 25 May)
1900 CZK

Late bird 2900 CZK

These tickets are for you if your company doesn’t pay for it.
Please respect that and buy a Company ticket if it does.


Is your company paying for the ticket?

(until 25 May)
2900 CZK

Late bird 3900 CZK

Choose this ticket if your company is paying for it or if you are getting reimbursed later. Thank you for supporting PyCon CZ!


Do you want to have the best PyCon CZ experience?

(until 25 May)
4000 CZK

Late bird 5000 CZK

VIP ticket will get you a seat at the speakers’ dinner on June 13. You will meet PyCon CZ speakers over great food which is included in the price.

We’re not VAT payers, all prices are final.
By buying a ticket you accept PyCon CZ’s Code of Conduct and Privacy Policy.

Financial Aid for tickets

We want PyCon CZ accessible for everyone as possible.

Full grants covering accommodation and/or travel costs have been awarded but we still have a few free tickets available thanks to our sponsors.

If ticket price is the only thing stopping you from attending
just email us for one.