Call for Papers: Workshops

The Call for Proposals will close on February 28, 2019, 23:59 CET.

Public information

The following information will be displayed publicly if your proposal is selected. We check and proofread everything before publishing but please make our volunteer jobs easier and make sure we don’t have much to do.

English is preferred, but if you feel uncomfortable with it, you can hold your workshop in Czech or Slovak
At a workshop, you should present hands-on exercises for participants to learn from. You’ll have a room and a limited number of participants.
At a sprint, participants help an open-source project – usually by cloning the repo and trying to fix beginner-level issues, while you’ll provide one-to-one mentorship. If several experienced developers are around, sprints are also a good place for serious design discussions. Sprinters only need a table to sit around, reliable wifi and dedication to do great things!
Sprints usually take the whole day, but workshops are organized in smaller blocks. You can also have a full-day workshop with lunch break, but keep in mind that the length could discourage attendees.
The shortest way to say what it will be about.
Try to write as if you’re talking to a real person.
Please include any requirements: hardware to bring (including laptops), libraries and Python version to be installed, expected experience with topics/libraries, etc.
Use plain text or Markdown.

If you are a speaker pair, write information about both of you in one field.

Use a name that you’re comfortable with, or a nickname.
Feel free to use Unicode characters.
Tell your audience in first person (e.g. „I write…“ not „Alex writes…“ ) about anything relevant about you, whether it’s your background, education, experience, current or former employer, hobbies or opensource software you maintain.
You can of course include anything fun or quirky about yourself.
If you don’t have a photo according to specs below, we will ask you for one if your workshop is selected.
Ideal photo is:
– as large as possible (128 × 128 px, there is no upper limit, even 1000 × 1000 px isn’t too much),
– as uncompressed as possible (JPEGs are ok),
– doesn’t show other people
– is a head shot (not you in front of a pyramid)
– and has no “creative filters” applied.
We might crop it and change contrast, brightness etc. to fit PyCon CZ visual style.
Optional. The whole URL.

Private information

The following information will not be displayed publicly.

Covering travel or accommodation costs etc.
Please specify this here and now, otherwise we might not be able to grant you the aid.
Please state explicitly:
1) why you need it,
2) what for and
3) how much in EUR or CZK.
If you require aid for more items (accommodation, travel costs etc.) please state the amount for each item.
Do you have any special requirements that you expect us to fullfill?
Do you need anything more than a room with chairs, desks, wifi, standard euro sockets and a projector?

Please note that you won’t receive any copy of your proposal to your mailbox.