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Are you a student, a teacher or have you attended PyLadies courses?

Students need to bring a student ID to the registration.


Are you paying PyCon CZ from your own pocket?

Then these tickets are exactly for you. Please respect that and buy a Company ticket if this is not true.


Is your company paying for the ticket?

Choose this ticket if your company is paying or if you are getting reimbursed. This is the right choice to support PyCon CZ, so please respect the rule.


Do you want to have the best PyCon CZ experience?

VIP ticket will get you a seat at the speakers’ dinner on May 31. You will meet PyCon CZ speakers over great food and beer which is included in the price.

We’re not VAT payers, all prices are final.

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If money is the only factor stopping you from attending PyCon CZ you can apply for Financial Aid to cover your expenses.