Programming for 6+ years old kids
a workshop by Miroslav Suchý

When is the best time to start learning programming? Can 6 year-old kids code? Sure!

I will let you play with some robots that don’t even need screen (Cubetto, Ozobot). You can play with Lego WeDo, Edison and Scratch. You can try yourself to program Micro:bit with Python or walk through a dungeon of CodeCombat. I will have twenty Micro:bits to borrow. If you want to try it, just bring your notebook with USB port.

In the end you will learn about Micro:la foundation, which wants to change the IT education at grammar schools.

Miroslav Suchý


Miroslav has been programming since previous millennium. He has been working in Red Hat for 10 years.

Last 3 years he has been teaching programming my own kids and several others in Brno.

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