Create your own IoT, cognitive - Watson AI, using IBM Bluemix cloud
a workshop by Petr Stýblo

The workshop will give you a hands-on experience with the IBM Bluemix development platform where you can create and deploy your own cloud-native applications using rich assortment of cool plug&play services including databases, cloud storage, cognitive voice or image recognition services, messaging, IoT, etc.

Want to supercharge your IoT app with an IBM Watson chat-bot interface and talk to your sensor using natural language? Fancy to take a deeper plunge into data science and employ machine learning to detect data anomalies using Spark analytics within Jupyter notebook experience? Or perhaps you'd like to explore novel cloud execution models such as server-less computing? Take your pick, imagination is your only limit.

The workshop will cover basic introduction to the IBM Bluemix development ecosystem, overview of the various deployment models and brief excursion over the available services. Participants will then create a personal 30-day free trial Bluemix account (no credit card required!) and write a simple application based on their preference. Several application recipes will be provided as guidelines. You will need a laptop with Internet connection.

Petr Stýblo


Petr designs and sells cloud software solutions at IBM. With background in service management and networking his current interests are mainly around cloud-native architectures, micro-services and IoT.

Although not a seasoned programmer he likes to dabble in Python at any occasion both at work and in free time. He is an avid supporter of open technologies of all sorts.

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