Your first open source PR
a talk by Eliška Čejpová

The world of open source code can be a pretty big and terrifying ocean. It's full of small and nice projects, bigger and nicer ones and it's also full of uncontrolled collaboration in big repositories. If you go fishing for the first time, you don't try to catch a shark, but try to have some luck with trouts in the neighbourhood lake. And we see how to go for your first fish today.

Open source projects are great opportunity for getting a lot of experience from community and also how to give something back. But if you are a new to all of this, you might find it overwhelming. We will get through some main tips for contributing in beginners-friendly projects and also starting one of your own. Public contribution will never feel like a walk of shame!

Eliška Čejpová

Eliška is a web developer who is just trying to make the world a better place. She's one of the Google Developer Group Prague organisers, dedicated RailsGirls coach (DjangoGirls FTW of course!) and Women Techmakers CZ Lead. Addicted to good conferences and smart people.

Eliška currently works at MSD IT on shiny front-end development. Her networking skills are level 9000 and half. Ask her about women in tech, Ruby or shoes.

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