What lies ahead? Python’s future strengths and challenges
a talk by Naomi Ceder

What does the future hold for Python and for our community? Both have grown in ways we couldn’t have imagined years ago, but what lies ahead? We will begin with a look at the history and growth Python and our community and where we are today. Then we’ll consider some possible trends and coming challenges as well as the strengths we have to deal with them.

Naomi Ceder


Naomi Ceder is a member of the Python Software Foundation Board of Directors and the co-founder of Trans*Code, a hackday and coding education event focussed on the transgender community.

She is also author of the Quick Python Book, 2nd Ed, and has taught Python to diverse audiences for many years. She has been an organiser of PyCon North America and PyCon UK, originating the poster sessions, Education summit, and Intro to Sprinting Workshop.

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