Code cleaners diary: worry less and create more
a talk by Sebastian Hillig

A tour de France through tools that allow you to care more about building than obsessing over formatting and other easily correctable issues in your and others code. Probably some analysis of how often styling/pep8 is mentioned in Python PRs and code reviews...

Sebastian Hillig


Sebastian Hillig is a software engineer at Artory, a New York/Berlin company that is working to bring more transparency to the art market.

In true startup fashion, he wears many hats, including the ones of product owner, engineering team lead and smoothie happiness supplier. With more than a decade of professional experience working on software, Python has been a stable companion while product and accompanying languages have been in a constant state of flux: VoIP monitoring to database prototypes, C++ to Smalltalk, custom websites to enterprise applications, and compiler benchmarks to user testing.

Good developer experience is one of his pet penchants, improving anything from environment to tooling. In his free time, Sebastian practices karate, smashes volleyballs, toys around with new technologies, and reads about software engineering best practices and martial arts.

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