Python for physicists
a talk by Petr Zikán

A new subject for spring semester 2017 was prepared at Masaryk University: Python for physicists. The goal of the subject was not easy at all. Effective scientific data processing using Python for anyone without any prior knowledge of the language.

Fundamentals of scientific Python (numpy, scipy, pandas) and graphics (matplotlib) introduced using simple real-word examples such as: line regression, bifurcation method, particle tracing in electromagnetic fields, fourier analysis of plasma voltage response, linear algebra using numpy and introduction to machine learning. All accompanied with introduction of concepts such as: basic data structures, reading data from file, introduction to functions, modules and classes.

The subject was prepared as a collective work of 8 people. Not everything went exactly as was planned. Do you want to hear lessons we all (students and teachers) have learnt?

Petr Zikán

Petr Zikán is a PhD student of Plasma physics at Masaryk University in Brno.

Among his main interests are numerical modeling of various physical systems, data processing and data mining.

He works for Gauss Algorithmic as a data analyst and he is also a co-founder of PlasmaSolve company, where his main expertise lies in the field of particle plasma modelling.

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