Visual storytelling – why we love it?
a talk by Sandra Becker

Data, data, data and even more data. How can we handle all this data, of course by analysing them with Python :) But neither Python nor any other program, software etc. can tell us the story, which is hidden in the data. The story is created by a human interaction with the data. In this process data visualisation is our friend as it helps us to discover patterns, outliers and everything we need to create the data story. At the same time data visualisation is a language we all understand and enjoy using, therefore it is the logical bridge between the data and the story. In this talk I want to show you why we love visual storytelling and inspire your own imagination by explaining to you how one of the best visual data stories have been created.

Sandra Becker

Sandra’s biggest passion is and always was analysing and visualising data in order to discover the world.

Within the last 10 years she had the pleasure to design statistical models and create analytical solutions in various interesting projects while working in market research institutes, brand, media and advertisement agencies in Germany, UK and Spain.

Sara is German but she would consider heself already as half Spanish as she've been living in her favourite city of Madrid for nearly three years now. In her last position she'd led the data visualisation training program for Telefonica Spain and LATAM by helping them to understand, use and communicate their data in an efficient, attractive and dynamic way.

Now as a profesor and teacher for data visualisation she has the possibility to focus on new ways to explore and represent data, especially using open source software like D3.js, R shiny & ggplot2, Python and CARTO and with a passion for the visual storytelling. Her final objective is to transmit high quality knowledge combined with enjoyment.

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