2nd hardest thing in computer science
a talk by Paweł Lewtak

Have you heard about the two hardest things in computer science? It's cache invalidation and naming things. I want to focus on the second one.

Let's see common examples of both good and bad naming. What's the common part of each of them? What's makes names good? Can we settle on good enough or should we aim for perfect names? I'll show some of best and bad practices so you'll be able to recognize both of them when you make code review for your peers. Naming is one of two hardest things in CS, so I don't claim to be right about everything but I'm open to discussion and happy to learn from you as well.

Paweł Lewtak


Paweł is a developer with 8 years of experience with backend systems. He has created them from scratch by starting with analysis and writing specification up to deployment on production.

He is working mainly with Python, PHP and MySQL, Elasticsearch and other technologies. Paweł is a big fan and evangelist of continuous learning and organizer of many coding dojo sessions.

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