PyCon CZ 2017 Prague
9-11 June

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Tell us a bit about yourself! Who you are, where are you from, what are your experiences with Python. Be wild, be creative!
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At a workshop, you should present hands-on excercises for participants to learn from. You'll get a room and a slot in the agenda, and participants will need to register.
At a sprint, participants help an open-source project -- usually by cloning the repo and trying to fix beginner-level issues, while you'll provide one-to-one mentorship. If several experienced developers are around, sprints are also a good place for serious design discussions. Sprinters only need a table to sit around, reliable wifi, and dedication to do great things!
Public title. What topic/project is it all about?
Full description of your workshop or sprint. Please also describe requirements: libraries and Python version to be installed, required experience with topics/libraries, etc.
Does you audience require high level of specialized knowledge (of Python, a library, etc.), or is it suitable for everyone?
How much time does your workshop take? Sprints usually take the whole day, but workshops are organized in smaller blocks. You can also have a full-day workshop with lunch break, but keep in mind that the length could discourage attendees!